How to choose a sofa

Today it is difficult to imagine a dwelling without a sofa. This piece of furniture is not just for sitting and watching TV. You can sleep on it. Various models on the market today are distinguished by a transformation mechanism, upholstery type, design, purpose, and so on. Sooner or later you have to change upholstered furniture in the apartment. Many consumers are lost in the current diversity of models. Next, let's figure out how to choose the right sofa. From the article we learn what these products are, and also we will get acquainted with the main points that should be paid attention to when buying.

General recommendations


Today, many do not know how to choose the right sofa. First you need to decide on the purpose of the product. For example, in one family the sofa will perform the tasks of the bed. That is, it is supposed to sleep on it. In another family, the product can be used to watch TV and be a resting place for all family members. After the functional task became clear, the quality of the furniture should be examined. I must say that it is not entirely appropriate to the widespread view that the best furniture - Italian. Today, the state of such elements as the frame, filler and upholstery will serve to assess the quality. You can choose the design of the future sofa according to your personal preferences. But experts recommend taking into account the general interior of the room, where this piece of furniture will be placed later.Many wonder - how to choose the color of the sofa? In this case, you need to focus on the walls. Depending on the range of finishing material, the color of the sofa is also selected. Here you need to consider how the tones will be combined with each other, so that the product is not lost against the walls. It should also be said that in the design all the details are interrelated. This means that even minor changes can lead to changes in the entire interior. For those who prefer universal options, manufacturers offer models with a wooden frame. Upholstery of such products is carried out, as a rule, in the classical style. Such models are combined with almost any design. If preference is given to modern products, then you need to pay attention to the sofas, made in the style of Hi-Tech. But while experts recommend to comply with the measure. It should be remembered that not always trendy products will be appropriate in the interior.



There are quite a few devices for transforming structures. If it is supposed to use a sofa as a bed not often, then the clamshell mechanism will do. One of the easiest mechanisms is considered withdrawable. But with its unfolding, you need a large space. The simplest and cheapest option is the "book" option. Along with the advantages, this mechanism has a significant drawback. During transformation, a certain margin is required up to the wall. Today, there is a more improved version of this mechanism - the "Eurobook". It is more convenient. Next will be given information on how to choose a sofa "eurobook".



The transformation mechanism "eurobook" is convenient, practical and durable. The principle of operation of the device is quite simple. In order to expand the sofa, its seat is enough to roll forward, then move the backrest from vertical to horizontal position. The convenience of this design is that, unlike previous models, there is no need to leave a gap between the product and the wall. This sofa, among other things, is equipped with drawers for linen. When buying such a product, experts recommend paying attention to the presence of a spring unit. The design should contain orthopedic armor, as well as molded elastic polyurethane foam. This material is present in the soft elements of the seat and backrest.


Wooden frame


In the room, the interior of which is made in the classical style, it is preferable to put a sofa, the supporting structure of which is made of natural material. Such models are popular because they create additional comfort and a feeling of warmth in the room. The wood species used in the manufacture of the frame, can differ both in price and quality.

Combined frame


How to choose a sofa without having a large amount of money? One of the budget options is the product, the frame of which is performed by combining materials. The design, which used the bars and particleboard, is in last place in popularity. However, this product is also in demand in the market. The advantages and disadvantages of such frames are similar to wooden ones. In some cases, trying to minimize the cost of products, some companies produce products with frames exclusively from chipboard. However, experts do not recommend to purchase such products. This is due to the unreliability and fragility of the material.

Metal carcass


Comparatively recently, such constructions were not widespread. As a rule, metal was used in the manufacture of chairs or tables. Over time, this material began to be used in the manufacture of other pieces of furniture. The most actively used metal in the manufacture of products in the style of Hi-Tech. As many experts note, metal frameworks are quite practical and durable. In addition, they are easy to repair. Almost any upholstery fits perfectly to the metal frame. If we talk about color or profile, here there is quite a wide choice for consumers. Experts recommend purchasing products in which the frame elements are connected by welding. Such designs serve much longer.

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